We Miss You…..

Sending a little light cheer from the Podiatry team:

A Silver lining of being in shut down is that the three of us are fitter than ever! Katherine and I are taking part in Joe Wicks sessions every morning with our kids enjoying his fancy dress outfits on a Friday! Pippa has been cycling and running miles everyday with her husband and if we don’t watch out she may decide to go professional!!

Here are some thoughts from Pippa – “I am the first one to admit that I felt like I was running at 100mph before lockdown.  When Boris announced our restrictions on that Monday night in March, and I realised that I couldn’t work during the week, or go competitive sailing at the weekend (which I do all the time) I’ll admit that I was pretty panicky.  However, as the days passed I came to realise more and more that I am actually very lucky.  I live with my husband in the middle of the Surrey Hills with miles upon miles of gorgeous footpaths and bridleways to explore on foot or on two wheels.  I am a little ashamed to say that after living in our house for 5 years, we have literally only just realised that our garden is a sun trap.  Taking 5 years to know that is absolutely absurd!  So for me, lockdown has taught me to slow down, explore and love where you live, get the gardening gloves on, grow courgettes, go for a run but stop to appreciate nature, and enjoy the little things in life.  Whilst I miss working, helping patients, sailing and spending time with my wonderful friends and family, my silver lining is that I really hope I take some of this ‘return to simplicity’ forward when normality returns”.

Enjoy the little things in life! – While home learning, decluttering, painting , and gardening remember how lucky we all are just to be together.

We will all see you very soon!!