What happens if you are sent to Yvette Mann Podiatry for a Biomechanical Assessment?

One of our very competent podiatrists will spend 30 minuites carrying out a mini biomechanical assessment determining how your complaints may be caused by the way you are walking.

This will involve looking at past history, sporting history and assessing general lower limb mechanics, both non weight bearing and weight bearing. This assessment will help to decide whether insoles or custom made orthotics will help. Off the shelf insoles can then be ordered and altered as deemed necessary or a full biomechanical assessment may be needed to be booked to include casting of your feet so a bespoke orthotic can be made.

If needed, suitable supports in the shoes as well as stretches and footwear advice will compliment any other treatment like physio therapy or chiropractic that you may be receiving, to either remedy or reduce your particular complaints.

We look forward to seeing you.

For bookings please ring 01483 310298 or for further information please email enquiries@yvettemannpodiatry.co.uk