Winter Footwear Advice

As a Podiatrist, I have many discussions with my patients  about the benefits of wearing good footwear and the problems that wearing bad ones can cause.

This time of year the  UK can be very wet and make it even harder to make good footwear choices.

Wellington boots are often ‘the go to’ footwear when having to walk in the rain when walking our dogs, mucking out horses or just walking in wet, long grass.

Unfortunately our feet can feel like a bag of bones in wellies as there is often no rear foot or indeed mid foot support, hence our feet can move around too freely.

This can cause pressure and friction on our toes as well as pain in our heels, ankles, knees, hips and back if worn for too long.

My advice is to try and swap your wellies where possible with high ankle boots with laces made out of a waterproof material or indeed an alternative rubber ankle boot which has Velcro or lace as a fastener. Having  a firm heel counter and support around the mid foot is especially important for those of us who wear orthotics as it doesn’t counteract their good work in putting our feet and lower limb in an improved position .

What happens if you are sent to Yvette Mann Podiatry for a Biomechanical Assessment?

One of our very competent podiatrists will spend 30 minuites carrying out a mini biomechanical assessment determining how your complaints may be caused by the way you are walking.

This will involve looking at past history, sporting history and assessing general lower limb mechanics, both non weight bearing and weight bearing. This assessment will help to decide whether insoles or custom made orthotics will help. Off the shelf insoles can then be ordered and altered as deemed necessary or a full biomechanical assessment may be needed to be booked to include casting of your feet so a bespoke orthotic can be made.

If needed, suitable supports in the shoes as well as stretches and footwear advice will compliment any other treatment like physio therapy or chiropractic that you may be receiving, to either remedy or reduce your particular complaints.

We look forward to seeing you.

For bookings please ring 01483 310298 or for further information please email

We Miss You…..

Sending a little light cheer from the Podiatry team:

A Silver lining of being in shut down is that the three of us are fitter than ever! Katherine and I are taking part in Joe Wicks sessions every morning with our kids enjoying his fancy dress outfits on a Friday! Pippa has been cycling and running miles everyday with her husband and if we don’t watch out she may decide to go professional!!

Here are some thoughts from Pippa – “I am the first one to admit that I felt like I was running at 100mph before lockdown.  When Boris announced our restrictions on that Monday night in March, and I realised that I couldn’t work during the week, or go competitive sailing at the weekend (which I do all the time) I’ll admit that I was pretty panicky.  However, as the days passed I came to realise more and more that I am actually very lucky.  I live with my husband in the middle of the Surrey Hills with miles upon miles of gorgeous footpaths and bridleways to explore on foot or on two wheels.  I am a little ashamed to say that after living in our house for 5 years, we have literally only just realised that our garden is a sun trap.  Taking 5 years to know that is absolutely absurd!  So for me, lockdown has taught me to slow down, explore and love where you live, get the gardening gloves on, grow courgettes, go for a run but stop to appreciate nature, and enjoy the little things in life.  Whilst I miss working, helping patients, sailing and spending time with my wonderful friends and family, my silver lining is that I really hope I take some of this ‘return to simplicity’ forward when normality returns”.

Enjoy the little things in life! – While home learning, decluttering, painting , and gardening remember how lucky we all are just to be together.

We will all see you very soon!!

A Spring In Your Step

‘If you walk with a spring in your step, you are walking  energetically in a way that shows you are feeling happy and confident’

For those of us who are able to walk at the moment at this difficult time of lock down, it is so important to do so!

Top feet tips to keep us walking:
1. Cut your nails carefully straight across every 4-6 weeks but not too short.
2. Keep pumicing and creaming your feet as often as you can. Your feet will thank you! Please avoid using ‘ cheese grater type pumices ‘ and any cream is better than none.
3. Wear sensible lace up shoes where possible .
4. Applying Surgical spirit in between your toes will help prevent fungal infections .
5. Try to avoid using corn plasters.
6. Walk out at a safe distance of other people and enjoy being outside.

Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy every moment.

As you may not be able to have your feet treated as regularly as you would like and you are concerned about your feet please contact Yvette on

Coronavirus Update

Dear Patients

You will be aware that the Coronavirus advice is updated on a daily basis and as a health clinic we feel it important that you know what measures we have taken to ensure that both patients and staff stay safe.

If you are a patient with any concerns about attending your appointment with us, please contact the clinics on the numbers shown at the top and bottom of the website to discuss this.

These include anyone with the following symptoms and have been in contact with an infected person, or recently visited any of the affected areas.

If you think you have symptoms – a fever, a cough shortness of breath –  use the 111 online coronavirus service to find out what to do next.

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

We are following Local Infection Control Policies:

All of our staff are fully updated and we follow these procedures as a matter of course:

  • We have hand sanitisers in Reception and in every treatment room
  • We have paper towels in the bathroom – please use to dry your hands and discard in the bin
  • We have air purifiers in Reception and each treatment room.
  • Hand washing: our therapists wash their hands with soap before and after all procedures. They also use hand sanitisers.
  • Broken skin is covered with a waterproof dressing.
  • Bench Cleaning – after each treatment per patient, the treatment table is cleaned with an antibacterial wipe.
  • Our therapists wear gloves when there is direct contact with blood, body fluid, non-intact skin or mucous membrane, after which the gloves are discarded and hands washed with soap & water.

Please be assured that we are keeping up to date with all developments and advice from both the Government and Public Health England and will continue to take the necessary precautions.

If you require further information on Government advice to employers please click on this link:

Find the right ski boots for you!

There are SO many different feet but only a small number of brands , hence boot fitting can be a challenge. Let us help.

1. If you are buying a new pair – Choose a reputable ski shop and allow plenty of time. Don’t rush! Allow 1-2 hours.

2. The right size ,shape and volume matter more  than colour, style or latest brand. Focus on how it feels.

3. Biomechanics and Weight are just as important as ability.Some people need stiffer boots than their ability and some need softer.The boot should support and work with you.

4. A good fitting boot should be comfortably snug and not sloppy.You should be able to wiggle your toes but not have heel slippage or movement from side to side or forward and back.

5. New boots have padded liners that will support your feet and insulate. Thick socks will only make the boot tighter.Seek advice re ski socks.

6. New Ski boots are normally designed to be modified to accommodate for lumps and bumps.

7. Qualified staff should have the knowledge and tools to stretch and grind plastic shells and transform inners of boots and alter angles and flex.

8. Whether  buying or renting your boots, do give yourself an honest 10-15 min stretch at the end of your fitting just to make sure they are comfortable!

9. If you are an orthotic wearer and feel you need more support in your ski boots do discuss with the ‘Yvette Mann Podiatry’ team.

10. Happy skiing!